The girls love these dresses! They are cool, comfortable, and hold up well.  Chapelwood is looking to partner with the community to provide dresses for ICPLIT to help an orphanage in the country of Myanmar.  Orphans are among the most devalued and abused people. Part of the mission of making these dresses is to share with these girls that they are worthy and loved. The little dresses show them that someone cares about them and that God is providing for them.

Contact Tasha Bius for more info on how you can change lives.

Are you crafty? Can you sew? Yes? GREAT! No? PERFECT…No matter where craft skills are…you can still help! Contact Tasha Bius for more information on how you can help change lives.

We are looking partnered with some amazing crafters. And we would like to encourage you to find other crafters who use their talents to help make dresses! As you are starting to get things together to sew the dresses, there will be items you will want to see if someone that can donate or share. Below is a list some of the things we need to create these beautiful pillowcase dresses to give to the girls!

Some of the things needed.

  1. Pillowcases (thin fabrics not recommended). Material from a bolt of fabric can also be used.
  2. 5/8 or 7/8 spools of patterned, textured ribbon (smooth ribbon will not stay tied)
  3. Sewing machines and thread
  4. Cutting board – a rotary cutter makes for easy work
  5. Scissors
  6. Irons and ironing boards (multiples)
  7. Patterns for the armholes (you can find some here)

Additionally, these three sites have great detailed directions on how to cut the pillowcases and how to transform them into a dress.

Bumblebee Linens Pillowcase Directions (simple and straightforward)

Little Dresses for Africa Pillowcase Pattern

Do you sew? 
If so, you probably already know that a pillowcase dress is one of the simplest sewing projects that exists.  If you’ve never made one, you can find a tutorial here at Sew Like My Mom.

Don’t sew?
Never fear, you can also make a no-sew pillowcase dress…believe it or not, it’s simple and just as nice! Here’s a tutorial from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.
We need ALL sizes…you can use this quick size chart!